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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. My studying is getting better. My tutor Jeff says my chanting is pretty good. I just have a few things to review, though I'm still nervous about remembering everything. I also have baseball practice---I was chosen for the city-wide Little League All Stars. The first game is two days after my bar mitzvah!

"...then you shall be gathered to your kin... "

Above are a few of my ancestors who have made it possible for me to reach this day. I'm very grateful to them and appreciate them for wanting to come to America.

From left they are: Hans Peter Petersen from Schleswig-Holstein (my great-great-grandfather), Sonia Bleichman of Proskurov in Ukraine (great-grandmother), Mordechai (Max) Bellman from Mariampol in Lithuania (great-grandfather), Elise Schuckman Jatho from Darmstadt (great-great-great-grandmother), Samuel Levenson from Kovno in Lithuania (great-great-grandfather), and also from Proskurov, Udel "Bubby Oodya" Rubenstein Lisenker (great-great-great grandmother).

My Torah Portion

image here There's a link above so you can read through my Torah portion if you like. Because of the year of my bar mitzvah I have a double portion to cover, Matot-Masei. It covers a part of history where Jews were recalling their forty years of wandering, pondering their mistakes and strengths, and being given the Promised Land.

If you have any questions about what I'm doing to prepare or just want to say hi, you can always contact me by email.

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